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Utah Process Service provides service of Process and Court Filings of foreign depositions that fall under the Utah Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act. The process of having the court issue the foreign (out of state)

subpoena is fairly simple. The documents required can be downloaded from the Utah Courts Website​ or by clicking on the links in the "Required documents" section of this page.

​Required documents:

Once you have prepared the required documents, then contact us at 801-689-2902 or mail the prepared documents to us and a check for $35 made payable to the court to 2637 N. Washington Blvd. #236 North Ogden, UT 84414. We will file the documents and then serve them to the party to be deposed. Our prices for service depend on the location of the person or entity to be served based on location. Click here for a list of cities we service.

Court fees are $35 to file the miscellaneous file case. 

A Witness fee of $18.50 per person or entity to be served is also required at the time of service. We can prepare the witness fee check and advance any fees necessary. The exact wording on the "Notice to persons served with a subpoena" is written as follows:

  • "If you are commanded to appear at a trial, hearing, deposition, or other place, a one-day witness fee must be served with this subpoena. A one-day witness fee is $18.50 plus $1.00 for each 4 miles you have to travel over 50 miles (one direction). When the subpoena is issued on behalf of the United States or Utah, fees and mileage need not be tendered. The witness fee for each subsequent day is $49.00 plus $1.00 for each 4 miles you have to travel over 50 miles (one direction)."

The location of the deposition is at the discretion of the person or Attorney requesting deposition. The deposition must be within the county where the deponent lives or works. Contact a local Court Reporter to arrange for the deposition location. You may also contact the court of jurisdiction for a list of Court Reporters.

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Need to serve or depose someone who lives or works in Utah? The Utah Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act and Utah District Court requires out of state subpoena's to be filed or domesticated prior to service of process of the subpoena.