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State Services LLC dba State Process Service is a State of Utah process service company

and  licensed Private Investigation Agency with Process Server professionals. 

Our thirty plus years of "hands-on" experience  gives a Utah Process Server 

an edge ahead of our competitors. 

The Utah Licensed Private Investigator Agency licensee may be provided if you call our number above. We are licensed to provide process service in Utah, California and Hawaii

State Process Service provides full-service Utah Process Server and process serving support, including skip trace investigations and court services throughout the United States of America.

Utah process server support offices throughout the state are electronically linked via Servemanager

Utah Process Servers communicate by daily emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings through State Process Service Servemanager software. Servemanager allows our Utah process server network to send information back and forth with relative ease. State Process Service dispatches their assignments to a local Utah process server. Our Utah process server (s) can be dispatched in any city of Utah (See website links). 

Same day Texas and Utah process server assignments can be received by State Process Service Main office and dispatched to our process server (s) in the field. State Process Service has adapted with technology and implemented procedures that embrace current technology. This allows State Process Service to handle all of your Utah process server assignments quickly and efficiently. The efficiency in the "How" State State Process Service conducts business allows us to pass the savings on to you the customer. 

Utah and Texas State Process Service provides full-service legal support, including process serving, skip tracing, and court services throughout the State of Utah. 

Our Utah and Texas Process Server services include same-day court filings and courier messenger service. State Process Service is registered with the State of Utah and insured for process serving.

Our Utah and Texas Process Server Divisions serve the defendants and witnesses promptly, and the Proofs of Service are generated daily. Our Process Servers are quick to verify addresses by checking with neighbors and conducting address checks through the U.S. the postal service. Status reports are prepared and emailed to you. We will also conduct full-scale skip tracing services upon request.

State Process Service
3079 N 575 E North Ogden, UT 84414 US
Phone: 801-648-7070 Website:
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