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 Process Service

Our trained professional process server (s) provides quality and timely process service throughout most of Utah. We belong to a highly efficient network of other process server (s) and process service companies that can handle routine, rush and same day assignments. Utah court documents are served according to Official Utah Civil Procedures Rule 4.

Our guarantee includes making up to 4 attempts at the address you provide for the fee quoted (unless specifically stated otherwise on the city pages). Additional attempts made at more than one address are charged separately. Rural and Mountain addresses are charged at time and mileage rates. Our hourly rate is $80 per hour and the mileage is the current I.R.S. standard mileage rates.The attempts will be before 10:00 am during the day and in the evening after 05:00 PM. Attempts required after 09:00 pm and before 07:00 am are subject to a surcharge. This fee is negotiable. Special requirements such as taking pictures of the house or vehicles on the property can be performed with prior authorization. The fee for this is $5.00. We can then email you the picture taken. 

We provide Process Service throughout most of California, ConnecticutUtah, Texas and Hawaii

Court Services

Foreign Subpoena Services

​Application for a Utah subpoena based on a subpoena from another state:

A Utah court can issue a subpoena based on a subpoena that was first issued in another state. There are two processes to request this from a Utah court. It depends on whether the state that issued the initial subpoena has passed the Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA).

States that have passed the Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act:

More than 30 states have enacted the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, or something similar to it. If a subpoena is issued in a case in one of those states, and the subpoena is directed to a person in Utah, UIDDA has a process to ask a Utah court to issue a Utah subpoena based on the subpoena from that state. The non-Utah subpoena is called a "foreign subpoena."

Once you have your documents ready to be filed, send them to us and we will file them for you. If you need fees advanced we can provide that service. Utah local court procedures require all Attorney's to e-file their cases except for Foreign Subpoena matters. We will walk your documents in to the court clerk and file them for you. To move forward in your case: 

Nationwide Service of Process: Call for pricing

Notary Fees (No Charge)

List of Utah Courts

Our staff can arrange for the filing of your legal documents in most courts in Utah. (In Pro Se cases only) We can advance court fees. We also help file "Foreign Subpoena's" for out of State Attorneys and serve the Witnesses promptly. To obtain the necessary forms.

Utah Drivers License Record Search including residential address and MVR records.

Document Retrieval

We provide document retrieval services including research throughout the State of Utah. We can provide these services on a rush basis or routine. Routine services are performed within 72 hours. Rush services are performed on the same day if the assignment is received before 10:00 am or next day if received before 05:00 pm.

Recorder Services

Witness, Servee and Debtor locating Services

Our Utah Private Investigator Agency license allows us legal access to many databases that the general public is not privileged to, including DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), under UCA 41-1a1 19 and Drivers License Division under UCA 53-3-104. We can locate persons who have relocated to any part of the United States whether it was two months ago or 20 plus years ago. We can locate property, criminal records, bankruptcy, relatives, neighbors and bank accounts.


Basic skip trace search: $35 (Current and past addresses report)

Full Social Security numbers: $35 (limited to post-judgment Creditors)

Comprehensive Research Report: $75 (Includes Property Assets, Neighbors, Relatives, Business Associations, Addresses, Bankruptcy, Criminal reports, Liens and Judgments, Fishing License, Voter Registration, Utilities, Phone Numbers and more)

Postal Change of Address and Verification Service: $30 (by mail)

Payment Options

Registered Agent Services:

Need a Registered Agent for your business in Utah? No problem! Contact Ogden Tax Service. They provide Registered Agent Services in Utah.

​Search State of Utah Business Records: Business Name Search

Military Service Status

Check here for free: Service Members Civil Relief Act  You will need a full social security number and date of birth to perform the search. We can provide those for you for a small fee.

Spousal Surveillance:

We specialize in surveillance of cheating spouses, Cohabitation, Divorce, Child Custody, Asset Searches and much more issues of concern. We have the ability to provide vehicle tracking services. The price is just $600 per month or $175 per week. We will provide you with a report with details of the vehicles comings and goings. Many legal issues require a qualified Family Law Attorney. We recommend consulting with one as we cannot give legal advice or counsel.

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