State Services LLC

Utah Private Investigator

Price list:

Routine Service of Process: Prices from $60 (Click on Search by City above for specific prices - Each City we serve documents in has a specific price) This charge is per individual or Entity, per location and per case. (Proof of Services are generated for each person or entity served )

Priority Service (First attempt made within 48 hours or if due date is within one week) : $40 (Unless otherwise noted on our specific city pages)

Rush Service (First attempt is within 24 hours or if due date is within three days) $50 (Unless otherwise noted on our specific city pages)

Notarize Affidavits and Proof of Services: Free (In Utah)

Credit Card/ Paypal Payment Processing Fee: 4% surcharge of amount charged to cover costs associated with receiving funds through credit card processing company.- Call for Paypal email address. You can download our credit card authorization form here.

Checks: Make checks payable to State Process Service. You can email us a copy of the check. Please write the invoice number if you have one. We can deposit it directly with our bank electronically.

Zelle Payments:  Call for instructions

Cancelation Fees: Once your assignment has been received and an invoice has been created, our office charges a cancelation fee. This fee covers administration fees including but not limited to paying our office staff to create the assignment in our Process Service management software, create the customers invoice, apply the payments and communication with the customer. The fee is $25 plus the amount paid processing your credit card/Paypal Processing fee. The $25 fee is roughly 20 minutes of time. Before hiring and paying our office, we ask that you make sure you have intended to hire our company to work for you in the service of process/investigations process of your legal matter.

Late Fees: Generally speaking our company requires prepayment. If terms are granted to pay after the job is complete and the invoice is not paid within 30 days, we charge 1.5% per month of interest. The minimum late fee is $2.50 per month.

Parking: We charge costs associated with parking including garage and metered parking in addition to service fees.

Printing Fees

  • up to 20 pages printed: Included - No charges
  • Pages printed after 20 pages: 30 cents per page (Includes time to assemble documents and printing costs) 

Fuel Surcharge Fees:

  • Subject to change according to cost of fuel; We reserve the right to add additional fees for fuel when fuel costs are above $3.50 per gallon.

Advancing Monies on your behalf: 5% of amount paid (Witness Fees, Court Fees, etc)

Investigations: From Free to $75

  • Basic Skip Trace (Customer must provide last known address or social security number) $40 (Waived if paying for a Basic Process Service) Rules: Once we determine an address to be invalid (Bad Address) we will perform a basic skip trace and provide a report to the customer. With permission we will attempt to serve the person(s) subject to prices listed on our website. For specific prices see cities list. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the reports generated from our third party providers. 
  • In depth Skip Trace $50 (Investigations lacking social security numbers or last known addresses)
  • Full Background Report: $75 (Includes current and past addresses, business, property, neighbors, criminal, licenses, voters)
  • Drivers License Search: $25 (Includes government Fees and Research Fee (Utah Only)  
  • Vehicle License Search $25 (Utah Only)

Stake Outs and Surveillance

Courier Services: (Fee charged when customers request pick up of original documents)

  • $1.80 per mile driven to and from delivery and pick up locations from our closest field agent (Call for specific information)