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Utah law requires that when a lawsuit is filed with the court, the plaintiff/petition must serve the defendant/respondent in a special way to notify them about the case, provide them with copies of all the papers filed, and give time to respond to the complaint or petition.

What happens when the person to be served location is not known?

Sometimes the plaintiff/petitioner can’t find the defendant/respondent to have them served, or believes that the defendant/respondent is trying to avoid service. Hire us to run a Drivers License Search. We may be able to locate the subject through the Utah Department of Public Safety.

The plaintiff/petitioner must use “reasonable diligence” to find the person, which means they have to make a good effort. 

State Process Service does the necessary research on the person to be served and attempts to serve the documents at the addresses located. We'll prepare a declaration of diligence and Non Service notice which the Plaintiff can use to obtain an Order for "Alternative Service".

Rules governing this type of service is located here. (Utah Civil Procedures Rule 4)

To get the necessary court forms to obtain a signed order visit the courts website: Motion for Alternative Service

This website will have the following documents ready to be downloaded and prepared by a Paralegal or Attorney. 

Ex Parte Motion for Alternative Service 
Request to Submit for Decision
Order on Motion for Alternative Service
Proof of Alternative Service