Utah Private Investigator

Routine Service of Process: $90
Priority (within 48 hours) additional: $40
Same Day Rush additional: $50
Notary Fee: Free

​Printing Fees: $0.30 per page after 20 pages
Credit Card Processing Fee: 4%
Advance Witness and Court Fees: 5% of amount



Need to find a local process server in Logan, Utah? State Process Service is a registered Utah process service company. Our Cache County process server delivers legal documents and provides Recorder services in Logan, Utah.

State Services LLC

State Process Service provides full-service legal support, including process serving, skip tracing, and court services throughout the State of Utah. 

Our Utah Process Server services include same-day court filings and courier messenger service. State Process Service is registered with the State of Utah and insured for process serving. The Cache County Recorder is located in Logan Utah. We can provide Recorder services there. The price is the same fees listed above.

Our Logan Utah Process Server Division serves the defendants and witnesses promptly, and the Proofs of Service are generated daily. Our Utah Process Servers are quick to verify addresses by checking with neighbors and conducting address checks through the U.S. the postal service. Status reports are prepared and emailed to you. We will also conduct full scale skip tracing services upon request.